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This has only happened to me a few times but I have loved it. When I am verbally humiliated as I am sucking another man’s cock my own tiny cock gets rock hard and quivers. Especially if the man is old and fat and taunts me as his cock is in my mouth. The more undesirable he is the more excited I get if he humiliates me. One stands out in my mind. A fat man with a very mediocre cock. Of course it didn’t matter to me. As soon as he realized I was eagerly submissive he laughed. He made me beg, called me a slut and a faggot. Made me lick and suck his balls. Made me kiss and lick his ass. Only then did he let me suck his small cock. All the time I was sucking, right up until he shot in my mouth, he was verbally humiliating me. My cock was throbbing, but he pulled up his pants and walked out without a word once he had cum and without touching me.

Sounds like my favs too! Crave being used

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